Dental Digest - 📰 2021 Week#8

📳 Vibration devices 💵 $2 Crown 😒 Pet peeves of labs and dentists

  • Vibration devices: Do they reduce pain linked to dental injections in children?. (The Dental Elf)

  • Parents say COVID-19 has disrupted children's dental care. (MedicalXpress)

  • A guide to eco-friendly dentistry. (Dental Tribune)

  • Top 5 Pet Peeves of Labs and Dentists. (Spear)

  • Looking for an easier way to copy dentures? It's here. (DrBicuspid)

  • SprintRay 3D Announces the $2 Crown. (SprintRay)

  • Does COVID-19 infection Affect Dental Implant Integration? (Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)

  • Pulp response to periodontal disease: novel observations help clarify the processes of tissue breakdown and infection. (Journal of Endodontics)

  • Are antibiotics necessary after infected tooth extraction? (r/Dentistry)

  • Don’t, don’t, don’t – how positive language can change behaviours. (

What have you found interesting recently?

Onwards to another good week,


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