Dental Digest - 📰 2021 Week#26

😬 Cringeworthy TikTok trends ⚙️ Equipment for Cosmetic Dentists ⚡️ Adjunctive endo regenerative techniques

  • How does your garden grow? (Ask Dr Spindel)

  • 9 TikTok trends that have dentists cringing. (Becker’s Dental Review)

  • Dental specialist workforce and distribution in the United Kingdom: a specialist map. (BDJ)

  • What Are The Best Prescription Toothpaste Alternatives? (Ask The Dentist)

  • Survey highlights impact of video calls on smile self-consciousness. (Dental Tribune)

  • The Must-Have Equipment for Cosmetic Dentists. (Dental Products Report)

  • Associate: Should I Stay or Should I Go? (Dental Realist)

  • Endodontic surgery: Adjunctive regenerative techniques. (The Dental Elf)

  • I'm a well paid Removable Tech working for a large DSO (dental service organization) but I'd like to branch out on my own eventually. How much money do you think a 1 or 2 man lab could make? (r/Dentistry)

  • Aesthetic Approach of Canine Lateralization: Using Vacuum-Formed Templates to Guide Tooth Preparation. (StyleItaliano)

What have you found interesting recently?

Onwards to another good week,


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