Dental Digest - 📰 2021 Week#20

😷 How to Avoid Fluoride 👌 Preexisting Implants in Full-Arch Reconstruction 🤔 Clearance letter for at-home aligners?

  • How to Document Screw Access Position Under Cemented Implant Crowns. (The Dental Warrior)

  • Third molar surgery – Lingual or buccal-based flaps? (The Dental Elf)

  • How to Use Preexisting Implants in Redesigning a Full-Arch Reconstruction. (Spear)

  • Do you know all there is to know about teeth whitening? (

  • Dental Procedures During Pandemic Are No Riskier Than a Drink of Water. (oralhealthgroup)

  • Clearance letter for at-home aligners? (r/Dentistry)

  • Ancient dental plaque reveals habits of human beings. (

What have you found interesting recently?

Onwards to another good week,


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