Dental Digest - 📰 2021 Week#19

💡 Restoring smiles with nanomaterials 😴 Sleep apnea questions 🐦 Twitter for dental education

  • Independent evolutionary origins of vertebrate dentitions. (Science Daily)

  • Root-End Surgery or Nonsurgical Retreatment: Are There Differences in Long-Term Outcome? (Journal of Endodontics)

  • Asymptomatic pediatric dental patients as potential SARS-CoV-2 carriers. (Dental Tribune)

  • Case report: Universal composite repairs leaking amalgam. (

  • Restoring smiles with nanomaterials: Indian-American chemist Sumita Mitra named European Inventor Award 2021 finalist. (John Flucke)

  • Practicing general dentistry standing up. (r/Dentistry)

  • COVID-19 and its impact on mouth cancer. (

What have you found interesting recently?

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